About the competition

Tough, Long, Beautiful or Short Enough?

Tough Enough 50km

Tough Enough 50km is intended for the experienced athlete who has the stamina to push themselves forward for several hours. The participant has probably previously taken part in a swimrun race and is prepared to fight for 7-12 hours along a rough but outstanding route. In pairs the participants will go forward for about 50km in an at times raw and unprotected terrain along the northern and northwestern islands, the sea and coastal regions from the start at Havsvidden in northern Åland to the finish in Käringsund in western Åland. The race will give them a challenge that is not meant for weaklings but at the same time give them a amazing experience as they fight their way through the stunning surroundings. We can not affect the weather and with the right winds the waves can take off right from the Swedish east coast.
Free bus transport is arranged for the participants to the start. The bus departs from Käringsund at 5.45 am and from the bus station in Mariehamn at approx. 6.15 am. Participants notify when registering if bus transport is needed.


  • The 50km route is planned for good weather conditions. If bad weather the route can be adjusted.
  • By 1.5.2023 the distance needs to have at least 20 registered teams to be arranged!
Tough Enough Blue, Red or Black

Everyone who completes the Tough Enough is tough, but this year you have the opportunity to be even tougher by doing a 56- or 65km race!
The teams that have completed Tough Enough 50km before 5 pm can choose to continue for 15km (Beautiful Enough) or 6km (Short Enough). The teams that finish no later than 6 pm have the chance to also do the Short Enough, that is + 6km.

Tough Enough Blue – 50km
Tough Enough Red – 56km
Tough Enough Black – 65km

The official timing for Tough Enough stops at 50 km and the winners of the race are chosen from that time!


Long Enough 21km

Long Enough is a combination of Beautiful Enough and Short Enough. In the first 15km the participants will go past i.a occasionally fairly unprotected terrains and open sea while the later 6km goes through lighter terrain and calmer water. Read more under each route.
Long Enough is performed in pairs (duo) or individually (single). Participants are recommended to have previously participated in swimrun races and / or are used to swimming in open water.
The distance is estimated to take about 2.5-5.5 hours.

Long Enough has both start and finish at Käringsund Resort & Conference.


Beautiful Enough 15km

Beautiful Enough 15km is meant for persons who exercise regularly and are not afraid of challenges beyond the usual training. Although this route goes in weather-wise more protected terrains and the distances are fewer and shorter than in Tough Enough can also the Beautiful-participants get a taste of the open sea when they at times make their way at the outer western coastline. A shorter race and  easier terrain than in Tough Enough, but still a tough challenge. No one will go totally unaffected through these 15km and the participants are also here recommended here to be accustomed to swim in open water. Beautiful Enough usually takes anywhere from just over 2 to 4 hours to complete!
The Beautiful-distance is also a perfect option for those who don´t want to run in pairs but still get to participate in a tough race. You can choose to participate individually (single) or with a pair (duo).
Beautiful Enough has both start and finish at Käringsund Resort & Conference.

Short Enough 6km

Short Enough is a 6km race in beautiful and pleasant terrain. It is more beginner-friendly than Beautiful, especially the swimming which in Short takes place on calmer water than Beautiful.
Short Enough takes about 45 – 120 minutes to get through!
Also in Short Enough you can participate individually (single) or with a couple (duo). Both start and finish take place at Käringsund Resort & Conference.

  This year Short Enough offers singles classes for juniors. Young people born in 2007 or later can choose to participate in the Boys16 or Girls16 class.


The main organizer of the event is Åland Event, in cooperation with the  Aland Triathlon Club.


Classes and distances 2023

There are four different distances and totally 20 different classes (8 single, 12 duo) in Åland Swimrun 2023.


Tough Enough 50km

  • Totally approx. 50km
  • Start Saturday 23.9 at 7.45 am (Havsvidden)
  • Classes:
    Duo: men/ women/ mixed
  • Max.time: 12h

    NOTE! By 1.5.2023 the distance needs to have at least 20 registered teams to be arranged!  

Long Enough 21km

  • Totally approx. 21km
  • Start Saturday 23.9 at 12.30 am (Käringsund)
  • Classes:
    Singel: men/women
    Duo: men/ women/ mixed

Beautiful Enough 15km

  • Totally approx. 15km
  • Start Saturday 23.9 at 12.30pm (Käringsund)
  • Classes:
    Singel: men/women
    Duo: men/ women/ mixed

Short Enough 6km

  • Totally approx. 6km
  • Start Saturday 23.9 at 2 pm (Käringsund)
  • Klasser:
    Singel: men/women, boys/girls 16 (born 2007 or later)
    Duo: men/ women/ mixed


Registration and fees 2023




HERE can you sign up for Åland Swimrun 2023
(will open 12.12.2022)

HERE can you see the REGISTERED for Åland Swimrun 2023


Registration fees 2023

– 27.8.2023
Short, single (6km) 45€/ person
Short, single (6km) 10€/ JUNIOR (boys/girls16)
Short, duo 75€/team
Beautiful, single (15km) 75€/ person
Beautiful, duo 115€/ team
Long, singel (21km) 95€/ person
Long, duo (21km) 150€/ team
Tough, duo (50km) 550€/team
(490€/ team until 1.5 – will be paid after 1.5)

28.8 – 17.9.2023
Short, single (6km) 55€/ person
Short, single (6km) 10€/ JUNIOR (boys/girls16)
Short, duo 100€/team
Beautiful, single (15km) 85€/ person
Beautiful, duo 145€/ team
Long, singel (21km) 105€/ person
Long, duo (21km) 180€/ team
Tough, duo (50km) 550€/team

Late registration at the competition site

Short, single (6km) 65€/ person
Short, single (6km) 10€/ JUNIOR (boys/girls16)
Short, duo 130€/team
Beautiful, single (15km) 95€/ person
Beautiful, duo 170€/ team
Long, singel (21km) 115€/ person
Long, duo (21km) 225€/ team
Tough, duo (50km) 550€/team Note! Last chance for late registration on Friday 22.9

The registration fee includes:

  • registration
  • swim cap (shall be worn visibly during the swim)
  • timing
  • pastaparty on Friday-evening (22.9) in Käringsund
  • service points along the route (not Short Enough) and at the finish line
  • Åland Swimrun- keep sake to all participants at the finish line
  • sauna after the race

By signing me for the race and paying the participation fee I agree to the contest rules and give my consent to the organizer to publish my (or my childs) name, serie/class, compound and nationality on participant,- start- and resultlists.  Participation in Åland Swimrun is at your own risk. The Organizer is not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the competition. A accident insurance is recommended. The Organizers have the right to photograph and film the participants during the event and has the right to use the material in their own marketing. The Organizer has the right to send information about our events 2023-2024



At Saturday evening 23.9 there will be an Swimrun- barbeque buffet  in the restaurant in Käringsund. When you register you can also buy tickets for the dinner. Also persons who are not participating in the race are very welcome to sign up for the dinner at the registration site.
If booked in advance the dinner costs 35€/ adult and 15€/ child 5-12 years. As a drop-in the dinner costs 37€/ adult and 18,50€ /child 5-12 years

The pastaparty on Friday evening (included in the registration fee for participants) can also be booked by non- participants (10€/ adult, 7€/ kids).

Read more about Travel & Lodging



LokalTapiola Åland will help you to fix the right insurance just for you!
More information at www.lokaltapiola.ax



Route description

The Long-, Beautiful- and Short Enough -routes will be entirely marked with streamers, the participants follows the marked route.
The Tough-route will only partially being marked. If there´s no marking the participants will get a map (Note! 1 map/ team) at the ascent showing them A = where they get up from the water  and B = the start of the next swimming segment. Participants choose themselves a route but aren´t allowed to run at courtyards, too close cabins and private jettys may not be used.
The map must be left in a box / bucket next to the flag at the start of the next swimming

Example of a segment map for Tough Enough

The swimming segments for all five routes are marked both at the decline into water (deviating marking, e.g. many ribbons) and at the ascent from the water (buoys / signs)

Servicepoints are placed along the route (not Short Enough), read more under Service points.


Tough Enough 50km

The start will take place at HavsVidden in Geta and the finishline is Käringsund Resort & Conference in Eckerö. The route of about 50km is a challenging course in the beautiful outer archipelago of Åland. The running takes place on trails, in forests and on mountain cliffs both along the coast on the main island but also over the islands which the participants swim to. The swimming takes place both in the open sea and in more “quiet coves” that nevertheless can mean tough swimming depending on the strength and direction of the wind.
Tough Enough is about 41km running (80%) and about 10km swimming (20%).
Maximum time for Tough Enough is 12h

Here is a
INTERACTIVE MAP of the Tough- distance from previous years.
By clicking on the different running segments, you will get the different stages (printable PDF)

Link to PDF (page1)                 Link to PDF (page2)

The participants get the map printed in A3 format (on waterproof paper) and is one of the recommended equipments.


  • The 50km route is planned for good weather conditions. If bad weather the route can be adjusted.
  • Along the Tough- route there are intermediate points that the teams must pass on time in order to continue the competition. Locations and times for these from previous years are presented i.a at 2019 Segments Åland SwimrunNOTE! Smaller adjustments will be made in 2023.
    Updates of map, route description and segments will come closer to the event, at the earliest after 1.5 when a decision is made whether Tough Enough will be arranged in 2023!


Long Enough 21km

Long Enough is a combination of first Beautiful Enough and then Short Enough, with both start and finish at Käringsund Resort & Conference. In the first 15km the participants will go past i.a occasionally fairly unprotected terrains and open sea while the later 6km goes through lighter terrain and calmer water. Read the course description for each route below.


Beautiful Enough 15km

Both start and finishline at Käringsund Resort & Conference. The running takes place on sandy roads, paths but also in the trackless forest terrain and along the western cliffs. The swimming distances are generally shorter and more protected than on the Tough-route but keen winds can cause waves that make these stages not to be trifled with.

Short Enough 6km

Last year Short Enough became a little shorter, but all the more beautiful and nicer than before with both start and finishline at Käringsund Resort & Conference. A more beginner-friendly course that is shorter and generally easier than Beautiful, especially the swimming that at Short takes place on calmer water than Beautiful.

Map (6-21km) as PDF
Beautiful and Short Enough , also available as an interactive map


An approximate list of the lengths of the different segments for both Beautiful, Short (and thus also Long) and Quick (incl. Service stations) can be found here;
2022 Segments Åland Swimrun (4.5-21km)

NOTE! Quick Enough won´t be arranged in 2023!


The organizers reserves the right to, even on short notice, change the routes if necessary.


Prizes and prize award ceremony

All participants will get a Åland Swimrun – keep sake at the finish line.

Medals and small prizes for the three fastest teams in the different classes in Tough Enough, Long Enough (Duo), Beautiful Enough (duo) and Short Enough (duo) and the three fastest participants in Long Enough, Beautiful Enough and Short Enoughs Single classes

Prize award ceremony will be held Saturday 23 September at Käringsund Resort & Conference.
See the timetable in Eventschedule the paragraph below.


Other information and timeschedule

ÅSR Eventschedule 2023, vers1

Race PM 2022 here
RacePM 2023 coming closer to the competition.

NOTE! The Organizer reserves the right to make changes!


Registration packet

The packet includes i.e. number wests, swim caps and map (Tough Enough- distance)
Registration packets can gladly be picked up on Friday 22 September at 5- 8 pm from the race office at Käringsund Resort & Conference or on Saturday 23 September from 5.00- 5.45 am and from 11am 



Timing for all distances is handled with chip or GPS. More info coming closer to the event.
In the Duo classes only one of the participants has a chip/ GPS.
The time is calculated from the start (starting shot) until the participant cross the finish line.


First aid

First-aid equipment is available at manned service stations,  in accompanying boats and at the finish line.


Service points

Along the Tough-, Long and Beautiful routes will be fluid stations where the participants will be offered fluid and snacks (i.a. banans, pickles, buns, broth). More detailed description will be available in the RacePM, that will come closer to the event.
Personal “langning” can be sent to some of the service stations along the Tough Enough distance (details of which coming closer to the race).
Servicepoint at the finish line for all participants with fluid, snack and soup

Zero tolerance to litter!

You are welcome to have your own energy with you during Åland Swimrun but we don´t want you to leave any trash in the woods! For each litter found along the route belonging to you, or your teamit will added + 10 minutes to your result.
The participants mark everything edible and drinkable that they bring with them with their competition number (applies to all distances)

Shower and dressing

The participants at the Tough distance have access to changing rooms at the start in Geta.
Other participants can change in Käringsund Resorts & Conferences beach sauna where everyone after the race also can shower and go to the sauna.

Clothes storage

Bags can be left in the race office during the race.
Clothes and bags (marked with start number) can be sent to Käringsund from the Tough Enough start.


Free parking lots close to the competition area in Käringsund


Lost property

Handed to the organizers who keep them during the current season (until 31.10.2023) if they haven´t been collected during the competition weekend.
After the season, leftovers are submitted to charity organizations.



If you for some reason have to cancel the race, you should notify the nearest volunteer or contact the organizer by phone (+358405223823). Please also notify if you won´t start at all.
If you need help getting back to Käringsund it can be arranged.

We think about nature!

The disposable vessels that we use during the contests are compostable and are sorted during/after the contest. We have also joined barkraft.ax and made some promises that strive towards a sustainable society. We are Kranmärkt-certified, which means that we don’t give out bottled water during the contests.
We are constantly working further on this and our goal is to be eco labelled in the future!
Learn more about our environmental policy at www.alandevent.ax




Cancellation policy

The registration for the competition is bindin, the registrationfee will not be refunded if you can´t participate in the competition. If canceled by 31.8.2023 *), your participation can be moved to the following year´s competition.
Until 17.9 it’s possible to change distances/ classes (no possible difference will be refunded), or transfer the participation to another participant.

Cancellations and changes shall be made by email to info@alandevent.com

*)  If the contest has to be canceled later than 31.8.2023 due to decisions of authorities and / or participants who follow the authorities’ restrictions can´t come to the competition due to restrictions for the Corona virus the participation can be moved to the following year’s competition.



What is swimrun?

Swimrun is a sport where participants alternate between swimming and running without stopping in between. The shoes are usually held on during the swimming and wetsuit is on during the running. The sport is
characterized in that it is outdoors and it consist of more than one of both swimming- and runningparts. The distances and proportions varies between events. The swimming takes place in open water and any equipment are worn with from start to finish.

Swimrun- races are usually carried out in teams of two people, but also in bigger teams and individually.

The Swimrun era began in 2006 when the race “Island to Island” was held for the first time. By the year 2011 there were not many similar events, but in recent years the number of swimrun competitions has increased at a good pace.