Welcome to Åland Swimrun 23.9.2023

Now it has been decided that the 8th edition ofÅland Swimrun will be organized Saturday 23.9.2023!
It is also decided that Tough Enough 50km will get a chance in 2023 as well, while Quick Enough 4,5km on Friday will take a break.
In 2023 Long Enough 21km and Beautiful Enough 15km will be organized, and also Short Enough 6km that will have a junior class!
Read more about the distances at About the competition and also at Route description

Regardless of the length and difficulty of the distances the Åland Swimrun – participants are promised a race that is Unique Enough for everyone – both for the experienced athlete but also for the curious exerciser.
With an archipelago consisting of 6757 islands and a water area of 11990 square kilometers the conditions are the best for arranging a unique swimrun- event. We ensure our participants an experience that will not soon be forgotten! Nature in these areas of the archipelago alternates from isles with forests, barren and windswept skerries and granite outcrops polished smooth by the mighty and roaring sea. With the longer routes partly going along the west side of the outer islands towards the open sea and with Sweden as the next neighbor the race will be a tough challenge – how tough it will be depends on the weather.

Welcome to Åland Swimrun 2023!